A global collection of poetry in the voice of its authors, in all languages. 

Currently accepting Environmental Poems for the collection.

Sound Prescriptions

Your bi-weekly dosage of auditive explorations as prescribed by Dr.Hansen

Honoring the history of the Golden Age of Radio and legacy of Orson Welles.

A diversity of cultural experiences contributed by a collective of creative collaborators. Conversations, presentations and performance.

5 therapists explore mental health through conversations that aim to unpack current stories, trends, methods and myths.

"Tusindkunst" is Mikkel Vinther´s attempt to gather his thoughts through a variety of questions, conversations and ruminations, diluted occasionally by some music."

Red Transmissions Podcast

Art, society, activism and culture conversations with the worldthreaders all around us.

From your favorite absinthe spot in KBH, a selection of psychedelic music to get your weekend started. 

Bubble Puppy

Walk it Off

A podcast on solitude, literature, wanderings and on daring to tread your own path. Hosted by Solveig Willum.

Foreignness & Friendship

Audio versions of work-in-progress, reviews and conversations with artists and activists about being alienated and finding friends in unfamiliar places.

A midnight mix of poetry and music for the night owls around us, sent from all over the world. 

If you would like your music to be included in the rotation, please send as mp3 to tremellaradio@gmail.com

If the angels get their share, the devil also demands a cut...

Music coming to you from the Whiskey lovers' sanctuary of Nørrebro...

ICWP Radio Stages: Women playwrights from around the world discuss their work, their inspirations and their writing practice and short excerpts from new plays are read by the author or performed by actors.

A place for creating and inspiring curiosity into the flow of sounds and sound experiments.

Time for an uplifting, light hearted, fun show!
Food! Fitness! Spiritual positive vibes, daily snacks / product reviews and more!

Playback presents interviews, chat, debate, lectures, music and more content related to the Beat Generation and their legacy. Presented in collaboration with the European Beat Studies Network.